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Trump Organization: RICO Act Violation?

by John P. Reisman last modified Nov 24, 2020 05:43 PM
While examining the 3,500 lawsuits related to Trump and the Trump Organization I began to notice systemic and repeated patterns that might qualify as a RICO violation. When I reported this to the FBI in New York, something odd happened that made me suspect that Trump had friends in the NY Field Office that might be feeding the Trump Campaign information on active investigations. The news piece outlines what I found and just how strong the case is.
Trump Organization: RICO Act Violation?

Trump Organization: RICO Violation?

One thing that may prove true is that when Donald Trump said the election is rigged, he might just be right. He would know. Because it looks like he’s the one that was rigging it. As odd as it may seem, if true, this may be the first actual coup attempt to takeover the government of the United States of America.

The question now is, did the NY FBI field agents ignore the evidence for a RICO case because of all the donations Trump put into FBI causes and the favors Trump generously gave to the NY FBI? This report examines the details at the face value of their merits.

Here are the parameters for a RICO case: the money has to be for something invested in the enterprise or racket, or there has to be acquisition of interest, control, or participation in the affairs of the enterprise through pattern racketeering. Or conspiracy to do one of the above.

To be considered a racket, the service offered may be solving a problem that does not exist, or will not be put in effect, Or, would not exist if the racket did not exist. Conducting a racket involves a 'potential problem' which may be caused by the solution offered by the organization, with the intent to create patronage. Trump University seems to fit these criteria very well.

Key areas where there have been convictions against Trump and Trump Organization:

  • Bribery, in Trumps 'favors' for FBI agents and politicians, AND Buying politicians for business favors, such as getting Governor Christie to forgive $30 million dollars of tax debt;
  • Dealing in obscene matter, for his ownership of beauty pageants where he bragged about walking in on underage teens to see them naked in the dressing rooms;
  • Extortion, for bullying tactics with contractors
  • Tax evasion for systemically abusing the tax code and not including all forgiven debt as income;
  • Violating the Hatch Act, for soliciting information through his surrogates directly from active FBI agents;
  • Embezzlement and Bankruptcy Fraud for taking extraordinary salary and bonuses on failing enterprises, and from making junk bond offerings on failing businesses;
  • Gambling and Money Laundering violations such as when his father bought 3.5 million dollars in chips at a Trump casino with no intent to gamble, which New Jersey regulators deemed illegal AND In February 2015, the U.S. Department of the Treasury's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network settled an investigation of Trump Taj Mahal with the assessment of a $10 million civil fine for "significant and long-standing money laundering violations" which were described as "willful and repeated"

And finally: Racketeering and Fraud, which is profoundly evident in the Trump University case and the Trump organizations repeated and systemic methods of misrepresentation of fact in business transactions while breaking contracts on a regular basis.


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