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Hearing Problems
07/26/2007 (Political Reform)
Expert Tease
7/23/2007 - Jon finds out exactly what President Bush is and is not in terms of areas of expertise.
C-Span After Dark
7/18/2007 - Watching Dems try to prevent a GOP filibuster makes us see why we want to export Democracy abroad.
Political Theater
7/18/2007 - John Oliver -- excuse us, Olivier -- gives a scathing review of the Senate’s latest piece of political theater.
Red Aye
7/18/2007 - The soldiers in Iraq have no idea how lucky they are to have Senators staying up all night.
Scooter Commuted
7/16/2007 - Jon returns to find out that Scooter Libby’s sentence was commuted and that President Bush has succumbed to using Fox News' slogan.
Iraq War Report Card
7/16/2007 - The Bush Administration releases a report card on itself. Eight out of eighteen -- otherwise known as a gentleman’s F.
Going, Going, Gun
8/08/2007 (Security) - American explosives, guns, oil, and money vanish in Iraq. Coincidence or PROFOUND INCOMPETENCE?
In His Own Words
8/9/2007 - In other words, using 'other' words?
Live Earth
7/31/2007 - Asif Mandvi gets his awareness raised with some help form Bon Jovi.
Subprime Loans
8/1/2007 - Larry Wilmore explains how African Americans are using subprime loans to get back at The Man.
Current Irony
Dude, Where's My Karl?
8/13/2007 Jon wonders who's the real Karl Rove after his resignation.
Rice & Ripkin
8/14/2007 - Our new special envoy to China.
Children of the Corn
8/14/2007 - Republicans brave 150 heat to attend the Iowa Straw Poll.
Great Recall of China
8/16/2007 - Recall of Chinese Made Toys
Even Dick Dont Know Dick
8/15/2007 - Dick Cheney has so many secrets that not even Dick knows Dick, as the 1994 Dick Cheney can attest.
130 Degrees
8/22/2007 - It's 130 degrees in Baghdad. Do you know where your parliament is?
Magical History Tour
8/23/2007 President Bush explains why there may be a reason why people don't understand this war.
Billions and Billions
8/22/2007 - The U.S. will sell $20 billion in weapons to the Saudis. Boom! Balance of power restored.
Congressional Therapy
Rob Riggle reports on how Congress is dealing with the frustration of the Gonzales testimony.
Return of the Jihad
Al-Qaeda's resurgence brings out the worst in the Bush Administration's math and logic.
Double Impact
Jon tries to reconcile Yesterday's Tony Snow with Tony Snow from two months ago.
Presidential Secrecy - Robert Pallitto
Robert Pallitto details how Presidential secrecy threatens democracy.
The Sound of One Car Bombing
Aasif Mandvi reports on President Bush's attainment of Enlightenment and bodhisattva-hood.
With the repeat attack on Samarra's mosque, al-Qaeda may be running out of targets.
You Don't Know Dick - Safe
Why Cheney needs man-sized safes for workaday business is unclear -- unless he's been hiding bodies.
The Supreme Court
Dick Move
John Oliver guides us through the ancient history of a mythological Dick Cheney.
The Scourn Supremacy
Aasif Mandvi reports that at this rate, the country will be out of contempt sometime next year.
More Stories Per Hour
People don't want a few stories thoroughly investigated, they want a lot of stories barely mentioned.
Dick Cheney Biographer
8/15/2007 - About Bush administration's handling of dissenting opinions.
Lone Star Estate
8/15/2007 Will President Bush break the record for most vacation days?
Lt. Col. John Nagl
The author of the Army's Counterinsurgency Field Manual talks about "the graduate school of war."
War Wars
Aasif Mandvi surmises what would've happened if the Vietnam War lasted longer.
Iraq Me Dave Petraeus - Senate
Jon hunts high and low for a Senator who'll back Gen. Petraeus, and gets a spit-take from Lieberman.
Douglas Farah
Author Douglas author of "Merchants of Death" Farah and Jon are jealous about gunrunner Victor Bout's success at age 40.
Russian Update
Just when you thought Putin was grounded, he dissolves his government and builds a new bomb.
Alan Greenspan
The former Federal Reserve Chairman burns Jon out with his thesis on human nature.
That's Al Folks
Alberto Gonzales recieves a full scale send-off from the Justice Department . . . and a "Brubaker" from Jon.
Wesley Clark
Former Democratic presidential candidate General Wesley Clark sits down with Jon.
Headlines - Pasghetti Western
"Kid nations" is criticized even after CBS changed the original title, "Roman Polanski's Kid Nation." How far will media go?
Mess O'Potomac - Crazytown
Health care and tour of duty bills in the Senate earn scorn on both sides of the aisle.
NEW YORK - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad defended Holocaust revisionists and raised questions about who carried out the Sept. 11 attacks.
Have Gun will Grovel
Governor Mike Huckabee is pretty sure that there is duck hunting in heaven.
The World According to AARP
In the recent Democratic Debate, Sen. Hillary Clinton took on the AARP's powerful ally, big pastry.
The Henry Stops Here - Primaries
Buck Henry recalls some historic primaries and the taste of the candidates milk.
Ahmadine Minute
Ahmadinejad claims there are no homosexuals in Iran - just like there are no gay conservatives in the US.
Showdown at the U.N. Corral
Asif Mandvi reveals the subleties of body language used by the UN delegates
One State, Two State, Red State, Blue State
John Oliver explores both sides of bipartisan children book publishing.
Presidents' Day
Iran's passive-aggressive attacks were countered by President Bush's Jewish mother routing. Sue him for loving!
Bill and Sylvia's
Bill O'Reilly dropped some science while discussing a dinner he had at Sylvia's restaurant in Harlem.
Wilmore at Sylvia's
Larry Wilmore is shocked to find that Sylvia's soul food restaurant in Harlem is very similar to a white restaurant in the wake of Bill.
Ad About You
The ad about Gen. Petraeus reminds Jon of the slander against our fake military leaders.
Childrens Do Learn
President Bush makes a statement that Jon couldn't make funnier even if he took it out of context.
Jack Cafferty
Men in suits forced author and CNN commentator Jack Cafferty to apologize for calling Donald Rumsfeld a war criminal.
You Don't Know Dick - Utah
Dick Cheny attends a secret meeting in Utah with the Council for national Policy.
Wilmore/Oliver Black Debate
Larry Wilmore and John Oliver team up to record an unforgettable moment in Black History.
Missing Republicans
Mayor 9/11 and other top GOP candidates skip out on evangelical and black voter debates.
Chris Matthews
Jon Stweart gives Chris Mathews the worst interview of his life.
The Daily Show's correspondents predict the future of the White House and Iraq.
Here Comes the Grudge
Jason Jones reports that justice is blind until she gets her hands on the person who blinded her.
Minority Opinion
Justice Clarence Thomas not only disagrees with the Left - he personally hates them.
Is That Really Necessary?
John McCain, your Christian appeal isn't working. The truth is you're fundamentally unfundamental.
Why We Fight for Money
Jon offers this historical film for those unfamiliar with Blackwater.
Dark Liquid
Rob Riggle claims that Blackwater's mercenaries stole his "bad movie" screenplay and explains why soldiers turn mercenaries.
Headlines - Private Benjamins
Blackwater is subject to neither Iraqi nor US, law, which can create oversight issues killing-wise.
Jack Goldsmith
Jack Goldsmith tells Jon about the White House's little visit to John Ashcroft's hospital room.
John Oliver reports that kids should get their health care from their employer, not the government.
Kids Gap
No health care for poor kids - Jon thought that was something done only by cartoon villains.
Oliver - Tortured Logic
John Oliver remembers all the words that have lost their meaning in the War on Terror, like "Progress" and "Victory". These words and more now serve "at the pleasure of the president".
Headlines - Cruels Intentions
It's time to play a round of Jon's favorite torture game: "Cruel, Inhuman, Degrading, or O-Tay"
Columbus Day
No matter what your feelings are about Columbus Day, you can't argue with the savings.
Back in Black Limbaugh
Lewis tears into the Senate for wasting time on Rush Limbaugh and Fox News for trying to link Barack Obama's lack of a U.S. flag pin to Bill Clinton.
Loud and Clear
Jon assures Meta-President George W. Bush that he doesn't need explain why he shows up for speeches.
Headlines - Americas Next Top Ally
After the U.K.'s announced troop pullout, the rest of the Coalition on the Willing competes for America's Next Top Ally.
Lynne Cheney Pt. 1
Part I: Lynne Cheney tries to assure Jon that Dick Cheney is just a regular guy. Part II: Jon finishes an extremely uncomfortable interview with Dick Cheney's wife, Lynne Cheney.
You Don't Know Richard - Special Ed.
Jon changes the format of "You Don't Know Dick" just a little bit for tonight's show.
Money Debate
The economic debate for the Republicans turned to Mitt Romney's G-rated cursing and Hillary bashing.
Thompson Debut
The reviews are in! Fred Thompson's debate performance was not-so-hot.
Howard Kurtz
Media critic howard Kurtz isolates the biggest problems facing the news media.
This Armenian Strife
Asif Mandvi gives a lesson on revisionist history as it relates to American allies.
Headlines - Unsolved Histories
President Bush defers to Turkey regarding the mass killings of Armenians in World War I.
Taco Bell
Jon advises Taco Bell to change their slogan for their first restaurants in Mexico.
Tony Snow
Part I: Tony shares tips on how to be an effective press secretary and gets candid about why he left. Part II: The former White House press secretary spars with Jon on bipartisanship.
John Oliver - Nobel Gore
John Oliver shows how past Nobel Prize winners have cashed in on merchandising like the Mandelacatessen Restaurant.
Headlines - Gore & Peace
Al Gores Nobel Peace Prize win brings out the hyperbole in everyone.
Fighting Rough
Hillary Clinton goes on "The View" while Barack Obama goes on the offensive. Obama takes the kid gloves off on Hillary.
Headlines - Now You Tell Us
Gen. Rick Sanchez pulls an about face on the Iraq War as soon as he's retired.
Headlines - Deep Impasse
If you don't agree with Bush, you're looking to have a thermonuclear reaction bake your shadow instantly into the sidewalk.
Moment of Zen - Good Message
President George W. Bush likes to take a pretty picture when he meets with foreign leaders.
Riggle - Shock the Conscience
Rob Riggle tells Jon the horrors that he survived during his Marine Corps training.
Mandvi - Hearts & Minds Update
Aasif Mandvi gives us an update on Arabic and Islamic opinions of America in the wake of Karen Hughes.
Valerie Plame Wilson
The CIA redacted former spy Valerie Plame Wilson’s book - including the part about breast feeding.
The House of Wax
Condi Rice enters the House Committee of Henry Waxman protected by her unaccountability amulet.
Mandvi - Hearts & Minds Update
Aasif Mandvi gives us an update on Arabic and Islamic opinions of America in the wake of Karen Hughes.
War Czar
John Oliver reports that the war czar will receive all the blame for everything wrong with the war in Iraq.
The Amazing Erase
White House staffers have a separate e-mail account for their party, just like your porn address.
Sen. Ted Stevens
Jon phones Senator Ted Stevens to find out how e-mail messages are sent and received.
Server Crossfire
Jason Jones demonstrates how easy it is to accidentally delete all your e-mails.

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