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Total (Lack of) Recall
John Ashcroft tries to think of all the appropriate reasons to refuse to answer questions from the House Judiciary Committee.
Congressional Hearings
John Oliver wants us to spend these last six months appreciating how lucky we are to have born witness to this incredible low point in American democracy.
Illegally Blonde
If ex-Justice aide Monica Goodling doesn't know whether she made a particular mistake more or less than 50 times, that's not really a mistake.
Aasif's Oil Chart
Aasif Mandvi shows where the cost of a barrel of oil goes to and explains why they love Bush in the Mideast.
Crude Awakening
Jon wonders how President Bush could have missed the news that gas is going up to four dollars a gallon.
Marines in Berkeley
Rob Riggle goes undercover to report on Berkeley, CA's reaction to a new Marine recruiting station.
Lt. General William Caldwell
Now that Jon has read Lt. General William Caldwell’s army manual, he’s ready to take over a country.
Brian Fagan - Droughts
The archaeologist and historian predicts huge droughts, but only wants the Tri-State area report.
Crisis in the Chartland
Aasif Mandvi reports on the Bear Stearns bailout while experiencing gravitational altitude correction.
Broken Arrow
Jon responds to President Bush's rosy outlook on Wall Street and Jim Cramer's terrible Bear Stearns advice.
Economic Future
John Hodgman uses a time helmet to see if we're currently in a recession and bats around economic semantics.
Iraq: The First 5 Years
Jon looks back in time to see the Bush Administration's benchmarks for success after the start of the Iraq War.
Crude Boys
Congressional hearings throughout the ages show that you can't stop Big Oil guys from doing their thing.
The Federal Aviation Administration is in hot water after an inspector blows the lid off some insider meddling.
Petraeus Hearings
Aasif Mandvi can feel the electricity generated by the Petreaus report, but only during certain hours.
The Meter is Running Pt. 1
John Oliver shoots his own documentary spotlighting FOX News and its history of journalistic integrity.
The Meter is Running Pt. 2
John Oliver hosts his own pundit show to demonstrate how FOX News has won the hearts and minds of Americans.
Jack Goldsmith
Part I: Former White House Counsel Jack Goldsmith is not surprised that Dick Cheney asked if he could squeeze a terrorist's balls. Pat II: The former White House Legal Counsel tries to agree with Jon's characterizations of the Executive Branch.
The Less You Know - Message Force Multipliers
Calling military personnel embedded in the media either "military analysts" or "message force multipliers" sounds so much cooler than calling them "sneaky old guys."
Exit: Strategy
President Bush doesn't want to hear America's backseat driving in this war on terror -- and keep your hands off the radio.
Headlines - Enemy Plus Enemy Equals One Ally
Enemy number one is mad at enemy number two because enemy number two isn't giving enemy number one credit for what they did to Enemy Number One.
C"Rice"Is in the U.S.
Rob Riggle's rice castle with drawbridge may seem wasteful to Aasif Mandvi, but he doesn't live beside a guy with a huge Cheez Whiz catapult.
The Economy - Not Unbad?
President Bush and cable news offer plenty of hyperbole but no solutions to the nation's money problems.
Back in Black - Tax Rebate
Lewis Black knows exactly what Americans will do with their tax rebate checks.
Potential soldiers don't sign up for the military to go to college -- they want to fight fire monsters.
Richard Clarke
Richard Clarke believes the way to get the government to work again is by taking politics out of national security.
Senate Intelligence Report - Number Two
Phase 2 of the Senate's report on whether the Bush administration manipulated intelligence to go to war finally comes out and man, is it worth the wait.
Rick Shenkman
Rick Shenkman doesn't want to make the argument that the American people are stupid, but he does want to argue that American politics is stupid.
Lara Logan
CBS News Chief Foreign Correspondent Lara Logan feels responsible for Americans not understanding what's going on in Iraq and Afghanistan.
There Will Be Flood
The media attempts to show the Midwest flood's magnitude by breaking out the human dipsticks.
The Procrastinator
President Bush hasn't done anything in seven and a half years. Is being president like being in college?
James Harding
The Times of London Editor James Harding tells Jon there's a feeling of excitement in Europe over this presidential election.
Be Patient This Gets Amazing - EPA E-Mail
The Bush administration gets the EPA to rewrite their policy on greenhouse gases by not opening the e-mail.
Ted Koppel
Jon asks Ted Koppel if America should let China win at the Olympics so they won't raise the price of stretch pants.
Headlines - Terrorist Watch List
We reach an exciting milestone in the war on terror as the terrorist watch list adds its one-millionth name.
Headlines - It's the Stupid Economy
President Bush is an optimist on the economy, but Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is an expert.
Richard Bitner
Richard Bitner explains why the risky business of subprime mortgages end up costing the taxpayers money.
Still President Bush - His Not Yet Legacy: Language
George W. Bush doesn't want to set an artificial timetable for withdrawal from Iraq, but instead an aspirational time horizon.
Russo-Georgian Conflict
The Russia-Georgia conflict is a chance for our presidential nominees to get inside the commander-in-chief simulator and play a little make-believe.
Chasing the Dragon - China's Economy
The Chinese economy may be about to crush us, but Rob Riggle hopes they're hiring.
Chasing the Dragon - Authoritarian State
Since China is definitely going to take over the world, Rob Riggle finds out how benevolent our future overlords are going to be.
You Don't Know Dick - Emails
Dick Cheney hides his own e-mails, while finding out about Jon's copy of the Koran he ordered on
Very Mad Money
For insight into our tanking economy Jon turns to hot ladies talking money with bald dudes.
Signing Statement Controversy
When Jon gets outraged by President Bush's actions, Rob Riggle tells him to just let it go
Grand Theft Semantics
Aasif Mandvi wonders if Justice Antonin Scalia's an avatar after hearing his interpretation of torture.

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