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You are here: Home / News / Irony / 2011 / August / Michael Wallis

Michael Wallis

by John P. Reisman last modified Aug 23, 2012 08:13 PM
(EDITORIAL NOTE) Author Michael Wallis uncovers the reality behind American folk hero David Crockett.

Editors Note: Michael Wallis points out that David Crockett was the 'real deal'.

Michael Wallis

"He has been voted out of congress largely because he stood up against his president and former political mentor Andrew Jackson over the issue of Indian removal. The trails of tears that led to where I now live, Oklahoma, aka Indian Territory. Crockett had seen the horrendous atrocities of the Creek war. He wanted no more of that. He said to Jackson, you've messed wit these people enough. Let them be. And he was the only member of the Tennessee delegation to vote against the bill. He stood up to his party, to his constituents. We need more people like that in congress today."


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