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Tom Brokaw

by John P. Reisman last modified Aug 23, 2012 08:13 PM
(editorial note included) Tom Brokaw discusses the growing bipartisan polarization of Washington DC and America's desire for its political parties to work together.

Editorial Note: Tom Brokaw raises the important issue of political polarization in America. The consensus seems to be that at least in our recent memories the country has never been this polarized. The fact remains that "77% of the country in almost all the polls say we want these parties to work together again, but as you know they've been driven to far corners of the room and they just don't even want to communicate with one another."

This is indicative of the need for the Centrist Party to become more directly involved in American politics.

Brokaw continues in the interview to discuss the importance of service and the possibility of a public/private partnerships to develop public service academies to help our young Americans learn more about working together. This in turn can strengthen the moral and ethical fiber of our people while strengthening the very fabric of our America.

"We need more connective tissue in my judgment".

Brokaw also discusses that: "We need some big bold ideas in this country that everybody can get excited about". The issue of our military service men and women coming home after 10 years of supporting the military mission overseas coming home to a broken economy: "They've been fighting the bad guys for ten years, they don't have the training for this kind of economy, and we need to not just say hey welcome back buddy and walk away. We gotta find a way that we reintegrate them into our society, and find work for them, and make sure that in the communities that they return to that they have the resources to take care of them.

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