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Alan Huffman & Michael Rejebian

by John P. Reisman last modified Aug 23, 2012 08:04 PM
Authors Alan Huffman and Michael Rejebian reveal the details of working for Democratic Party candidates as political opposition researchers.

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JRS1969 says:
Mar 06, 2012 01:17 AM

I'm looking for our blog or whatever we call it. I have some comments and questions for our party. I'm just not sure who we are. I admire our ideas and platform but who are we? I'd like to tell my friends about us, but who may I refer them to, if I become active in my community on our behalf who do I say we are.
I have read all that is said here and find myself yelling yes yes yes. I want to be one of us but, who do I reprot to, who gives me information to pass on to our people. I'm just so confused. I've been refering my friends and aquantences to the web site, but they ask me......If we were going to compete with the other so called parties, who will lead us and will we be accepted by the general community if we are all so confused as I am. Please make no mistake I love the whole Idea and premise of the Centrist party, I think I'ver been a member for years without knowing it. I've switched parties as much as I changed my clothing. Because I'm fed up with the status quo. Please give me more info.

John P. Reisman
John P. Reisman says:
Mar 06, 2012 01:36 AM

Who is the CP? I would refer people to the about page:

and the tenets:

In a sentence, the Centrist Party effort is to get on the ballot and elect politicians that are more interested in the good of the people, as opposed to spending 50 to 80% of their time fundraising.

Tracy Goodwin
Tracy Goodwin says:
May 24, 2012 10:33 PM

Related to the question posted by JRS, is there a place that we can post our own ideas and discuss them with the other members? I have ideas on possible policies and reforms that I would like to share. I would love to be able to run them by other people so we can discuss problems, oversights, alterations and anything else pertinent.

Tracy Goodwin
Tracy Goodwin says:
May 24, 2012 10:44 PM

This here is one of the biggest problems with the national political discourse. The focus is on making the opponent look bad and very little time is spent trying to put forth solutions to the problems we face as a country. Currently if a candidate engages an issue is only in a vague non-committal fashion frequently relying mostly on platitudes and ideology. The recent GOP primary debates are prime example; often times the candidates would not even answer the direct question ask of them, opting instead to answer different questions or simply dodge it entirely. When they did engage the questions directly is was primarily with sound byte quality statement of little to no substance. They don't offer ideas or solutions with rational reasons supporting the position and evidence to further bolster the idea.

Candidates should bring forth the issues we face as a country and how to solve them. They should lay out well reasoned and empirically supported policies so that all can see it and evaluate the quality of the proposal.

A campaign should be about engaging the issue and / or argument at hand not about engaging the person or party that proposed it. Unfortunately campaigns anymore are really just one big ad hom.