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You are here: Home / News / Irony / 2012 / January / Exclusive - Jim DeMint Extended Interview

Exclusive - Jim DeMint Extended Interview

by John P. Reisman last modified Aug 23, 2012 08:02 PM
(Editors note included) In this unedited, extended interview, Senator Jim DeMint explains why he thinks that federal programs make people dependent on the government. Jim DeMint discusses the Bush tax cuts and endorses a flat tax with no loopholes in this unedited, extended interview. In this unedited, extended interview, Jim DeMint proposes corporate tax code reforms that will incentivize businesses to keep jobs in America.

Editors Note: In this excellent exchange between Jon Stewart and Senator Jim Demint we can see some clear demarcations in understanding from the two perspectives involved. Through the diversity of views there are clear areas of agreement. Jon does raise the point that the language in the Senator's book is more inflammatory and derisive than his conversation with Jon?

Jon points our that the rhetoric used in different contexts of conversation is still derisive. It begs the question, can we expand on a more common sense approach to the questions and realities that plague our political system that seems more reliant on ostracizing ones opponent to score political points and polarizing the argument to appeal to the emotion of the crowd, rather than working together on the clear issues where the problem is obvious and how to pragmatically solve those issues.

Part I

Part II

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