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by cpadmin last modified Mar 24, 2021 03:16 PM
The Centrist Party positions center on administration and leadership principles as foundations for elected representatives in the following areas: Economy; Education; Energy; Environment; Healthcare; Political Reform; Security. Policy direction is need dependent and some positions will be further developed as needs are better understood. The basic premise is simple: Common sense and reason applied to the common good and national needs.


Secure - Stable - Sustainable: Well reasoned economics, free markets through market transparency, with market regulation structured to achieve the common good. Enable equality of opportunity and fair competition, based on performance and productivity. Checks and balances to ensure that competition and innovation are not squeezed out of the American Dream. Protect and allow for potential to be achieved by the virtue of individual will, rather than subsidy without performance agreements, or due consideration to cost/benefit relationships. Balance between boutique economic systems and national/international systems. Efficient government and debt reduction are primary missions.

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Skill - Innovation - Performance: We need to empower our educational system with better tools and methods and structure that by design meets individual learning needs and streamlines performance administration. We need performance based systems to motivate and enable the achievement of higher potentials. We need to address the multitude of factors that impede maximizing potential and transition out of the industrial model of education to foster innovation, critical thinking and problem solving. We need to enable self paced learning through individuated methods that are easier to manage. The TLC/PATH system is designed to achieve this.

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Clean - Safe - Sustainable: Economically sound systems and rapid transition strategies based on needs and available technology to achieve energy independence and a healthier future. Enabling transitions to protect the health of the environment and provide sufficient energy is key to a stable healthy transition. Conservative regulation to reduce energy usage will enhance our energy security. A structural transition is already begun, yet we must explore methods to speed this transition to reduce dependency on foreign oil as well as address energy needs and concerns.

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Clean - Safe - Sustainable: Policy based on realistic assessment of available resources and common sense usage of those resources regarding system capacity and regulation considerate of these ends. Any lack of consideration in this area directly impacts our economy and security. Rapidly addressing needed policy directives will yield more affordable solutions and a healthier future. It is now a well established fact that global warming is occurring and the change in climate forcing is human caused.

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Health - Food - Lifestyle: Real health-care is promoting and increasing health, not concentrating on disease-care after the fact. Lack of attention regarding systemic influence in our health system may have caused us to focus in areas that are not to our advantage. Such influences need to be considered in order to address areas that may be eroding the health of America. We need to empower the FDA to perform this mission and remove or reduce impediments that are counter to this mission. Health should be our primary concern. here in that health will reduce the cost of healthcare. Unhealthy food and lifestyles are a major cause of increased healthcare costs and the antidote is health. Being healthy reduces healthcare costs.

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Political Reform

Integrity - Honor - Humility: We must reduce special interest influence over politicians due to the inherent conflict of interest between corporate interests and the common good which have infiltrated the electoral and legislative process. We need leadership that is strong enough to stand and fight for what needs to be done, and oppose populist influenced corporate and media driven messaging. We need to address the fundamental basis of the erosion of the system, including supreme court decisions that may be at odds with reason and common sense regarding the integrity and security of our nation.

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Honor - Integrity - Strength: To be a beacon of freedom and democracy we must practice and enforce the protection of these ideals at home and abroad. We need to enhance state department communications capacity and continue relationship building worldwide; recognize actions have short and long term consequences; support and empower the military rather than outsource. Our military is a force for peace and stability. Any other view is a complete misunderstanding of the purpose of our military force. Our military is a sword, often sheathed, yet at the ready. Our brave men and women who serve to this end need our support.

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2nd Amendment

The 2nd Amendment: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

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